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Each day we serve you with exceptional service, high quality cold pressed fruits and vegetables which are nutrient dense , bio available, 100% juice. Positivity so delicious you can taste it.

Now we are cognizant that positivity without self-discipline is delusion. Make self-discipline a friend, a friend that will get you from where you are today to where you desire to be. Greater Works! 

I started Eden’s Garden Juices to share with you what has helped me love me for real in a really big way. Step out on faith and take action towards my dreams, gifts, and infinite possibilities. Moving me from the back burner to the fore-front on purpose with humble confidence.

I decide,  I am… enough, it’s my best!

I grew up in obscurity, a dragged through the broken glass existence. The guilt and shame of my childhood trauma, of my mistakes, missed opportunities, self-doubt, failures and my proclivity to blame others for where I was in my life weighted me down.  I took a good look at myself, my finances, my relationships,  all in breakdown. I thought this cannot be God’s will for my life, year after, year after year.  I changed the way I told my story from “Dragged though the broken glass” to “Everything that went right!” I made a decision. I  decided to be enough. In all of my me-ness, enough!  That meant each day making a different decision, embracing a healthy whole me.

I will share right feels oh so wrong when you’re not accustomed to doing the right thing. Deciding not to blow “it” off. Show up on-time and before time and really being there-engaged, smiling , really caring,  saving for tomorrow.  No more robbing Peter to pay Paul. Doing what I say, holding myself to loving accountability. Having my own back which included affirming which types of associations were no longer tolerable. Forming habits that made it happen not made excuses. My trials have been the best teacher. I continue to learn, challenge myself , evolve and do it one more time.

I ask you to believe in yourself and what you can and will accomplish one decision at a time, great or small, a decision. Practice good God-esteem that is to say what God says you are as you build self-esteem. Partner your practices for maximum results on the journey to creating your very best life. Guard your gates. Be mindful of what you say from your mouth, along with what you put into your mouth.


 Listen to positive messages.

What do you desire because you can have it, it’s your birthright. If you desire wealth read and study wealth. We are creative beings made from the Creator that have been granted the ability to manifest things with focus and action. God will bless what you do , be a hearer and a doer of the word.  Let your end goal be your focus. Speak life into your life. Speak. Words are important. God created the world with a word. He spoke. What can you create? 

Let’s do it together! Join me and drink one 16 oz. or two 8 oz. Eden’s Garden Juices of your choosing each day for the next 30 days.

We invite you to start as simply and as quickly as possible. It’s easy. One decision at a time will start a new normal. Just one. 
Your life will change when you do. Because your habits on this level will not sustain you on the next level. Make a decision. It will work when you work it and only you can make it work.

The things that are easy to do are also easy Not to do. Together we can take back control of our physical health, renew our minds, care for our emotions and increase our spirits. 

Welcome again!!!!! I celebrate you, so delighted to be in community with you. Feel free to take a look around and if you have any questions it is my Great pleasure to answer and serve you.

I decide, I am…enough, it’s my best!

Very best life begin,
Shawna Jones, MBA
Be Fruitful

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